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Olympus WS-200S Digital Voice Recorder (9)
Students and faculty can check out these recorders for up to 48hrs to capture interviews, lectures, and dialogue on-site. Students from the Communication Disorders department have used them to record and analyze speech pathology for example. The digital voice recorder kits now include lapel microphones to make capturing lectures, inteviews, and presentations simple.


Alesis MultiMix8 Firewire (1) paired with (4) Heil PR-40 mic
Podcasting! This is our studio setup for recording dialogue and interviews which can be published as podcasts or burned to CD. The mics also work great for high-quality voice overs for training videos and DVD content. The department of modern languages has used this to record interviews in foreign languages for example.


Audio Cassette Deck (4)
Some professors have a decade of lectures captured to cassette tape. Now you can digitize your tapes and burn them to CD or publish them online. The Freedman Center makes use of the JVC TD-W354 double-cassette deck with Dolby B-C NR HX Pro. This tape deck uses a Compu Calibration system: Load a tape, press a button, and in less than 20 seconds the deck adjusts bias, equalization, and sensitivity for the best possible recording with that specific tape.


Vinyl Record Player (4)
Some educational content was recorded to vinyl records. But don't worry, we will help you digitize your vinyl's for education or pleasure! You'll learn a lot about digital audio in the process which one of the purposes of the center. So bring in that Zeppelin vinyl and see if you can really hear anything when it is played backwards. The Freedman Center uses four Audio-Technica AT-PL120 Professional HiFi 3-Speed (33-1/3, 45, 78 RPM) Fully-Manual Direct Drive Turntables.


Open Reel-to-Reel Audio Player (1)
The department of Psychology found some valuable reel-to-reel audio in their collection. We helped them digitize and restore their reel-to-reel audio and burn it to CD. We will help you too. The Freedman Center uses the Akai X-100D Cross Field open reel-to-reel player/recorder. The Akai operates at four speeds: 1 7/8, 3 3/4, 7 1/2, and 15 ips; offering a full 4-track stereo / monoaural system.



Digital Video Cameras (9)
The Freedman Center lends video cameras for 48hr time increments; so, you can capture footage on-site, at home, or whereever you need to go. Bring in your tape and we can help you put your video onto a DVD, into PowerPoint, or online. A tripod is also available for checkout. The Freedman Center provides three (3) Sony DCR-HC21 MiniDV Video; two (2) Canon Elura 100s; four (3) Canon ZR-800s; and one (1) Sony PAL/DCR-HC26.


International DVD Player (10)
Can't watch your DVD at home because it is from Europe or Asia? You can watch it here. All of our DVD players are region free. The Freedman Center uses the Toshiba SD-4960.


International VHS Player (10)
Do you have an old home video on VHS that your father filmed in Europe where he was born? You might not be able to watch it at home, but you can capture the film here and convert it to a DVD. The Freedman Center boasts the Samsung SV-5000W.


8mm and Hi8 Video Player (1)
We use this camera as an 8mm player for anyone that has older 8mm or Hi8 tapes that they would like to digitize. When we opened we did not have an 8mm camera. It was a common request so we decided to purchase one to help out those with 8mm film. The Freedman Center uses a Sony CCD-TRV338 Hi8 camcorder.


MiniDV & VHS Player (4)
Whether you captured your video using one of our MiniDV cameras or one of your own, you can bring in your MiniDV tape and digitize the video on one of our video workstations. The Freedman Center uses the JVC SR-VS30.


Canopus ADVC300 DV Capture Device (4)
This is the heart of our video capture setup but you will never see this box because our wiring is hidden from view. All of our video sources run into a switch box, which runs into this box. It converts the analog audio and video signals to the DV standard for capture on a PC or Mac and connects to each video machine via FireWire.


Laserdisc Player (1)
When laserdiscs first came out a lot of content was made available on these large discs. We have one of the mammoth machines here for you to use.

16mm, 8mm, & Super8 Film Projectors (1)
Yes, we can even help you digitize your aged reel-to-reel video! Video is projected onto a surface that is filmed using one of our MiniDV video cameras, then transferred to a computer. The use of this equipment will require a special appointment. The Freedman Center uses a Eiki NT-0 Self-Threading, 2 blade, 16mm projector; a Kodak Moviedeck 455 Dual 8mm projector; and a Sony CCD-TRV338 Hi8 camcorder.



Wacom Tablet (2)
Our Wacom drawing tablets are great for fine touch-ups in Adobe Photoshop or for drawing your own illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. The Wacom tablets are very precise, and pressure sensitive too.


Kodak EasyShare Digital Cameras (9)
This still camera has a 512MB memory card and 48hr loan time so you can capture images on-site. You can save your images at home, bring them back here where we can help you touch them up in Photoshop and insert them into PowerPoint, or help you post them online. The Freedman Center offers both C533 and CX7530 Models. Manuals are available below.


Nikon CoolScan V - 35MM Slide and Film Scanner (5)
These special scanners scan 35m slides and film negatives at a very high resolution (24MP equivalent). A bulk feeder is available for those professors with larger slide collections. A professor from dentistry used this scanner to digitize his entire 35mm collection for use in PowerPoint for example.


Nikon CoolScan 9000 - 35MM Slide and Film Scanner (1)
These special scanners scan 35m slides and film negatives at a very high resolution (4000 dpi true optical-resolution). As with other Nikon scanners, this features Digital ICE technology (Image Correction and Enhancement) which removes dust, scratches, and even allows for the restoration of faded color.


Pacific Image PowerSlide 3650 (1)
The Pacific Image PowerSlide 3650, 3600dpi, Automated, 35mm, Slide Scanner is specifically designed to batch scan 35mm mounted slides (scanning area is 37.5mm x 37.5mm with a 50mm x 50mm Mount). By using a slide magazine, the PowerSlide 3650 is capable of scanning up to 50-100 mounted slides at 3600 dpi.


Bell & Howell Sidekick 1300 - Sheet fed Scanner (1)
This is one of our favorite pieces. Imagine taking 100 pages of notes from last semester and having them instantly converted to PDF! It can scan 30 pages per minute straight to PDF at resolutions as high as 600dpi. It can even do color and dual-sided paper. The scanner's humble appearance may fool you.


Epson Perfection 4990 Photo Scanner (9)
This powerful performer scans multiple slides simultaneously, as well as negatives and photos. And, with its built-in transparency unit, it accommodates film up to 8" x 10". Housed in a sleek outer case with an illuminated scan progress indicator, this scanner delivers intricate detail, due to an astounding 4800 x 9600 dpi resolution, 48-bit color depth, and 4.0 Dmax


Epson Perfection 10000XL Medium Format Photo Scanner (1)
This scanner is available to scan larger works - up to 12" x 17" - at ultra high resolutions. This scanner also has a transparency adapter to scan transparent media like X-rays. Biomedical researchers have used this to scan their film transparencies for example.


Planetary Scanner (1)
The planetary scanner can be used to capture high resolution digital images of materials difficult or impossible to scan on traditional scanners, such as tightly bound or fragile books, oversized journals, maps, posters, and other materials for preservation, reproduction, archiving, and electronic dissemination. Because it scans from above, minimal damage is caused to the original item. The planetary scanner is housed outside of the Freedman Center in a specially designed optically tuned room. Scanning is done by specially trained staff and an appointment is necessary. Minimal scanning fees may apply for this scanner only. See the scanner request forms for more detail.


Canon Microfilm Scanner 800 (1)
This scanner can be used to capture scans of both microfilm and microfiche. The images are scanned straight to PDF so that you can take a copy home with you. This scanner is located just outside the Freedman Center entrance.





Akai X-100D Reel-to-Reel

Canon Elura 100

Garmin eTrex GPS

Kodak C533

Kodak CX7530

Olympus WS-200S

Sony Handycam DCR-HC21

XF-10-US Foot Pedal

Supplementary Equipment

Apple iBook G4 (12)
Twelve wireless laptops are available for use within the Kelvin Smith Library. Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat are installed and the laptops are configured to print to the public access printers in the library. The iBooks have a three hour loan time.


Garmin eTrex GPS Unit (2)
Why does the library loan GPS units? Because the library has a Center for Statistics and Geospatial Data. You can use these GPS units to go on-site and collect your own GIS data for statistical analysis. They can also be used for the sport "geocaching" as you familiarize yourself with the GPS system. The GPS units have a 48hr loan time.



XF-10-US Foot Pedal
Replace repetitive keystrokes or mouse clicks with the action of your foot. Enter, Tab, Shift, Ctrl, Alt… anything you can type on the keyboard can be memorized by the X-keys including Key combinations like Copy (Ctrl+C), Paste (Ctrl+V), Save (Ctrl+S), and Next Program (Alt+Tab). Offers an easy way to play and stop audio tracks making the xF-10-US a perfect solution for transcription projects.


Logitech Quickcam Webcam (16)
You can use our webcams to video conference with students in other countries to practice your foreign language skills. No special training or software required! Each language lab PC has AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Skype.


Dell Optiplex GX280 (37)
Each Dell workstation has a 20" LCD, 3.6Ghz CPU, 2GB RAM, 250GB drives, gigabit ethernet, and DVD burners on every machine. Our video workstations have LightScribe drives so you can burn images directly on to the top of your LightScribe compatible DVD's. The PCs are loaded with Windows software to do common audio, video, and imaging tasks.


Apple PowerMac G5 Dual Core (2)
Each PowerMac G5 has a 20" Apple Cinema Display, dual core 2Ghz CPUs, 1GB RAM, 250GB drives, gigabit ethernet, DVD burners, and the Apple Mighty Mouse. The PowerMacs are loaded with Mac software to do common audio, video, and imaging tasks.



Panasonic 50" Plasma Display (1)
This beautiful display resides in our consultation space. The large size allows us to demo software to more than one person at a time. This is convenient for groups of students working on a video, or group instruction of several faculty members for example.


USB Headsets (20)
These USB headphones have surprisingly good microphones on them. They work as a nice complement to the webcams for video conferencing. They are also used by students in the department of modern languages to record their speech as part of the online language lab.



Cables, wires, & adapters !
If you have a piece of audio or video equipment not listed here (minidisc, for example) bring it in! We have dozens of cables, wires, and adapters to connect nearly everything that makes sound. Challenge us. We may surprise you!


Storage’s DRW113ATABK removable black hard drive enclosure offers a cost-effective way to quickly insert or remove ATA hard drives from any PC with an available 5.25-inch drive bay. It is an ideal solution for high-speed back-ups of critical files, moving large files from one computer to another, and for running multiple operating systems on the same PC.


Bravo SE is Primera's newest "all-in-one" disc publishing system. It combines fast, automated robotic CD/DVD duplication along with full-color, 4800 dpi direct-to-disc printing - all in one compact, desktop unit. Bravo SE is ideal for producing either one at a time, unique discs or jobs of up to 20 discs at a time.


InFocus introduces the IN24+ SVGA projector. At 2200 lumens, it is bright enough to display your presentation in almost any lighting situation. The IN24+ is a high performance projector built for rock-solid reliability with rich colors and crisp, clear images. (2-day rental @ $40)


Photo Printing
The UP-D75 produces 8" x 10 true photographic quality prints with unmatched image quality and when printed on Sony patented laminating media, will resist water and fingerprints and provide you with a long lifetime of printing. Dye Sublimation. ($3 per print; see our Premium Services)